Banish unwanted hair from your arms, legs, back or chest with U. Med Spa’s September Laser Hair Removal Special


Permanently banish unwanted hair with U. Med Spa’s September Laser Hair Removal Package.

6 Treatments Extra-Large area $699, regularly $900.

Extra-Large areas include full arms, full legs, chest, or back.

U. Med Spa offers the most pain-free and effective Laser Hair Removal  treatments and utilizes the Lightsheer Duet, the gold standard in Laser Hair Removal Equipment, for quick, gentle, and highly effective treatments.

An attractive alternative to shaving, tweezing, and waxing, laser treatments can remove hair from many areas of the body. Laser hair removal is a procedure that uses an intense beam of pulsating light to remove unwanted hair. The laser targets the melanin, or dark pigment, in the hair and the intense heat destroys a percentage of the follicles, which are permanently destroyed with each treatment. A consultation is required. For optimal laser hair removal results, six treatments per area treated are recommended spaced at least 4 weeks apart.

May not be combined with other specials/promotions.  Offer ends September 30th

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