Countdown to Christmas Day 11: CO2 Laser Resurfacing: Buy one area, get one free!

U. Med Spa Plano DOT Therapy Co2 Laser Resurfacing

We are excited to announce day 11 of our Countdown to Christmas!

DOT Therapy CO2 Laser Resurfacing:
Buy one area, get one free!

Face: $1800
Neck: $600
Chest: $600
Lip Lines: $600

DOT Therapy (Dermal Optical Thermolysis) CO2 Laser Resurfacing is a new laser resurfacing treatment used to transform the skin and enhance its overall appearance. DOT Therapy CO2 Laser Resurfacing reverses the appearance of aged or sun-damaged skin, smoothes wrinkles and fine lines and minimizes acne scars

The DOT Therapy laser precisely creates thousands of microscopic holes (DOT’s) in your skin, which induces immediate skin tightening and stimulates new collagen growth. Patients are often amazed at how tight their skin feels immediately after the procedure.

Offer ends December 31st
Lowest priced area will be free
Both areas must be used during same appointment

Purchase online below:
Face + FREE Neck
Face+ FREE Chest
Face + Free Lip Lines
Neck + FREE Chest or Chest + FREE Neck
Lip Lines + FREE Chest or Lip Lines + FREE Neck

Day 12 is coming tomorrow and we cannot wait to tell you what the special is!  We saved the best for last so don’t forget to check your inbox!

Give us a call at 972.943.UMED (8633) for any questions, book your next appointment or to book your free in-depth skincare consultation!

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