How to get fuller lips in less than a minute

I want you to try something (don’t worry, it’s fun and super easy).

Get in front of a mirror and place your finger horizontally between your nose and your upper lip. Then, apply gentle pressure to roll your top lip upward.

I can wait…

See how good that looks?!

What if I told you that Botox or Dysport, injected above your top lip, can give you the exact same effect?

Introducing our newest injectable service, The Lip Flip!

Lip Flip-Web (2)

The Lip Flip rolls the lip upward, giving you the appearance of a larger, fuller upper lip, without the need for fillers.

The Lip Flip takes less than a minute, and lasts 2 to 4 months. And, for a limited time, the Lip Flip is only $99! Purchase online here

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