Introducing Juvederm Vollure!

U. Med Spa is now offering Juvederm Vollure, the newest FDA-approved hyaluronic acid-based facial filler. Vollure is best for filling in nasolabial folds, AKA smiles lines or parentheses marks on each side of the nose.

So what makes Juvederm Vollure so special?  Vollure lasts up to 18 months while most facial fillers on the market last about 12 months.

Another cool thing about Vollure is that it is made from a combination of low and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid which makes it firm enough to fill in lines and folds, but soft enough to look natural when you smile or make other facial expressions. This unique formula also minimizes swelling, shortening recovery time.

JUVEDERM VOLLURE WEB-updatedFor a limited time, we are offering Juvederm Vollure for $550 per syringe (regular pricing is $650 per syringe).

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