Pumpkin spice addicted? We’ve got the perfect facial for you!

Helloooo October!

It’s my favorite time of the year because the weather is perfect, the holidays are almost here, you can get just about anything pumpkin-spiced, and I’m going to make about 200 pounds of pumpkin bread!

So to celebrate October, AKA pumpkin spiced season, our Pumpkin Clarifying Facial is only $69 for the entire month!

Pumpkin facial-Web

The Pumpkin Clarifying Facial is our signature deep cleansing facial which includes a thorough deep-pore cleansing using the Clarisonic skin care brush and a galvanic current.

Gentle extractions follow and then its time for the best part: a delicious pumpkin enzyme masque that eliminates acne-causing bacteria while sloughing off dead skin cells to reveal soft and glowing skin underneath. This masque smells so good I could eat it, but I’ll just eat more pumpkin bread instead.

Purchase your Pumpkin Facial online here and click here to try my favorite pumpkin bread recipe (drool).

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