Too much fun in the sun? Say buh-bye to summer skin damage

If you had a little too much fun in the sun this summer, we’ve got you covered!

But before I tell you how we can erase sun damage, let me explain what happens to your skin when you’ve had too much sun exposure.

Melanocytes are special skin cells that offer sun protection by creating pigment, called melanin. So, when you are exposed to UV rays, melanocytes are hard at work making your skin darker with a tan in order to protect your skin from the sun.

It is estimated that sun exposure accounts for up to 90% of visible skin aging, so melanocytes serve a very important function. People with light skin tones have less active melanocytes than people with dark skin tones, which means that fair skinned folks like me have less natural sun protection.

Skin color actually depends on the geographic region that you come from. People from geographic regions close to the equator have more melanin in their skin because they are exposed more intense UV rays, requiring more natural protection from the sun. Pretty cool, huh?!

Overexposure to the sun causes our melanocytes to malfunction, creating areas of uneven pigmentation, AKA age or sun spots (my melanocytes go haywire as soon as I step outside).

The good news is that laser treatments are very effective at removing sun and age spots, and my favorite treatment (trust me I’ve tried them all) is our DOT Therapy Summer Peel, a superficial laser treatment that erases sun damage and dark spots like magic, with little to no downtime.

The DOT Therapy Summer Peel also stimulates collagen production and tightens the skin, while giving you a gorgeous, even skin tone. What’s not to love?!


Right now, U. Med Spa’s DOT Therapy Summer Peel is only $399, regularly $600!

Unfortunately, not everyone is a candidate for this treatment. The DOT Therapy Summer Peel can destroy melanocytes in dark skin tones, leading to hypopigmentation (areas of the skin without pigment), and nobody wants that!

Find out if you are candidate and book a DOT Therapy consultation online here or give us a call at 972-943-8633.