Your 2017 secret to success: the Sudatonic Body Slimming Wrap!

Sudatonic Body Slimming Wrap

Are you wanting to lose weight and tone up in 2017? Are you trying to quit smoking or reduce your intake of alcohol or sugar?  We’ve got your secret to success. Jump-start your New Year’s resolutions with the Sudatonic Body Slimming Wrap!

The Sudatonic Body Slimming Wrap is the perfect complement to diet and exercise because it revs up your metabolism, helps you lose inches, and makes you burn major calories.

The Sudatonic Body Slimming Wrap uses infrared heat to increase your body temperature, making your body work hard to cool itself down.

In just one session, the Sudatonic Body Slimming Wrap can help you lose an average of 2 to 5 lbs and burn up to 4000 calories.   The infrared heat also gets your blood pumping which increases circulation and improves the appearance of cellulite.

And if you are trying to give up tobacco, alcohol, or sugar for 2017, the Sudatonic Wrap will make you sweat out toxins like you won’t believe, shortening the length of time that you will endure cravings.

Achieve your goals and keep your resolutions this year with a little help from U. Med Spa!  Our Sudatonic Body Slimming Wrap is regularly $135 per treatment but for the month of January, we are offering a package of 6 treatments for $500 (which is only $83.33 per session!).

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